The Vision

Discover Ticktory – Your secure digital ticket
that offers a new world of possibilities


People pay high sums for their favorite events and are victims of ticket fraud. The identity of the user and the transaction in the 2nd / 3rd market is unknown.

Provide additional content like an after movie or exclusive insights like a backstage interview. Participate with each sale or resale of your ticket and get profit out of the second market. All benefits combined with a fraction of the cost of a classic provider.

We create a platform that identifies and synchronizes transactions across all platforms.


Enabled by blockchain technology we provide cutting edge solutions to an old market. By enabling easy "onboarding" via standard paymentmethods like paypal or credit card, to name just a few, your customer can enjoy the ease of the "old world" while enjoying all the benefits of blockchain technology.

You profit from lower distributions cost, instant payment, and an automated sales system. In this case Blockchain Technology is not just a Buzzword: It really means less overhead and less costs for you, while enhancing the customer experience.


Ticktory enables the secure sale of personalized tickets on the first and second market through blockchain technology.

Customers (add-on content), artists (multiple financial participation) and event agencies (market figures) benefit equally from the digitalization of the value chain.

The Product

A mobile first ticketing experience powered by blockchain technology that empowers artists and consumers.

  • A Safe platform

    that allows users to buy personalized secure tickets

  • A Transparent Platform

    that also allows artists to participate in resales

  • Traceable tickets

    that allows precise market insights & add-on content

  • Buy a ticket

    on the first or second market that you know is 100 % real

Our Team

The mixture of expertise behind Ticktory is very unique: The GOP Entertainment Group as event partner, P-Ton AG as project management partner and Qwellcode GmbH as the technical partner.